Hill GOP retains social media edge over Dems

Republicans have been wringing their hands over how to catch up with Democrats on the technological front.

But at least on the Hill, Republicans appear to be more readily adopting to the new modes of communication.

While congressional Democrats have greatly upped their usage of social media to communicate with constituents in the past few years, Republicans continue to enjoy a formidable lead, according to a recent study by the Congressional Research Service, as highlighted the Federation of American Scientists Secrecy News.

For example, in September 2009, only 38 percent of senators and House members had Twitter accounts. By January 2012, that percentage more than doubled, to 78.7 percent. Slightly more than 87.2 percent were on Facebook.

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About Alana Hill

Alana J. Hill is a global public relations and digital strategist in Washington, DC.

2 thoughts on “Hill GOP retains social media edge over Dems

  1. So interesting how technology and social platforms are such a competitive tool on the political front. The growth of social media and the 2008 election really reshaped the way that social media influences the political landscape. Thanks for sharing….

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