The Magic in Apple’s Devices? The Heart

carrjump1-master675During the last seismic Apple announcement, in 2010, I was at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco as Steve Jobs unveiled theiPad, a device he said was so singular it would create its own landing strip.

When the expected reveal came, there was a huge roar, and I looked around to see many of my fellow journalists clapping their hands red. I was an interloper in the land of tech announcements, but I was surprised that a group of cynical-by-nature reporters had been so completely won over in the moment.

I didn’t attend last week’s Applemageddon of multiple product announcements — new phones, a watch and a mobile payment system — but I saw more of the same when I checked the coverage. And while I may not have been clapping, I found myself rooting for Apple to unveil something extraordinary.

A lot of the subsequent coverage has been ecstatic, much of it tinged with palpable relief that a Jobs-less Apple can still set the bar in new and unexpected ways.

Read the full story here.



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